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Our History


Although there are numerous reports of sporadic football games in Castlemaine as far back as the early 1900s, the World Game in Central Victoria really kicked off in the 1950s. The building of Cairn Curran Reservoir saw an influx of European workers arriving in the region, where another type of football held sway.

It was in this atmosphere that a small group of passionate ‘football’ players began the first Castlemaine football Club in 1952 with an attempt to form the Central Victorian football Association in 1954.

Despite the high level of interest from neighbouring towns, this league faded and it was not until the early 1970s that the Central Victorian League idea was revisited.

The Bendigo football League was formed in 1971 and Castlemaine joined in 1974. Castlemaine has continued its strong participation in the Bendigo Amateur Soccer League for 40 years with numerous junior teams as well as senior men and women.

Castlemaine Goldfields Football Club invites newcomers to actively participate in the local club and we have often welcomed overseas students, refugees and visitors into our teams. We have also seen many of our members move through the club and to play football at more elite levels.

The home of football in Mount Alexander

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